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Today I Pray

Lord help me to accept your truths, storing them up in my heart, turning my ear to your spirit applying your call to my life! I cry aloud looking, seeking, grasping for understanding. I find you my KING! You give me your wisdom, knowledge, and understanding as I stand in your protection! You are faithful […]

Hmmm..Pondering Thoughts…

I sit here today on my soft black leather coach pondering about life, business, kids, and the carpet. I find it so fascinating how things change and evolve from one way of being to another, what once seems so important suddenly has no meaning or value and the things that we find so important can […]

Holiday Grief

What does it feel like to grieve during the holidays? My experience of holiday day grief … It feels over whelming and painful, like it does when your head goes under a wave and the pressure coming down on you smashes your face into the sand and you loose all orientation of your surroundings and […]

King of Kings

Lord, you are the king of every realm  of which I have any knowledge. You are over everything of which I have no knowledge. You are above every living thing because you created them and give them life. Everything that exists is sustained by you. You are before the beginning of everything I know. Your […]

Sufficient Grace

The emotion I feel right now engulfs me, cascading anger, fear, doubt and loneliness I fear the unthinkable and dread the tomorrow Just another day of Tormenting resolute, tenacious torture Stripping me of the very thing I hold dearest to my heart My love, my endearing mate, Who in times of uncertainty and qualm Has […]

Prayers for the MOPS Families

Father God, I come before you heavy in heart, my entire being is overwhelmed with sorrow. I lift the families up before you that are involved in this tragedy, please bring comfort and peace, hold the children involved close and make yourself known to these babes. Please prompt and move your people to aide and […]

Sleepless Nights

Sleepless nights, many tears, groggy mornings… I am sure that I am not the only person out there who experiences or has experienced many nights such as these! How does one decided to function the following morning, and not only function, but do it in such a way that brings joy  to your family? My […]

New To Blogging

So I am new to this whole blogging thing, not entirely sure of what I expect or why I am even embarking on such an endeavor. I suppose that I image it will be a way of processing life at hand. A way to share my joys and sorrows as I move through the journey […]

Hello World!

What makes your life worth living?